Monday, April 26, 2010

Change Admin password or Recover Admin Password in Sun Java Application Server 8.2

1)   To Change the admin password .......

In admin web login,

Go to,
Configurations -----> Server-config (Admin Config) ----> Security --->  Realms -----> admin-realms

Then click the Manage Users button.Then click the admin in USER ID column.
From there , you can change the admin password.

2) To recover lost admin password.........

Assume that the admin user name is "admin" and domain name is "domain1" for the domain whose admin password is forgotten.

*  Step 1- create a dummy domain

asadmin create-domain --adminport 7070 --adminuser admin --instanceport 7071 testdomain   
Please enter the admin password>password 
Please enter the admin password again>password 
Please enter the master password>password 
Please enter the master password again>password   
Domain testdomain created.

* Step 2 - Copy testdomain’s “admin-keyfile” to domain1’s “admin-keyfile”

now the password for domain1 is “password that you enter to testdomain admin”

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